71 minutes | Sep 8th 2020

14. Roots, repatriation, and getting to know your post-expat persona - with Terry Anne Wilson

My guest today is Terry Anne Wilson, a Canadian-born expat of 30 years, who has spent the last two years back in her passport country. She is the author of Monday Morning Emails, which she co-wrote with fellow expat Jo Parfitt, and we talk about this wonderful memoir at length. I can't recommend it enough, it's a lyrical, honest and heartbreaking account of two families' expat lives, and has so much to offer (not only to expat families). Terry Anne is working on other writing projects and workshops, and you can find out more about her life on her website (including her blog).

Topics that come up through talking about her book are mental health and expat parent guilt, the importance of roots and how to make peace with your life once your nomadic days are over. Terry Anne shares what helped her get there, including her "Wonder Room", "Serendipity Fridays", and how the COVID19 crisis has forced her to really arrive "home".

We also mention the wonderful global expat organisation FIGT, Families in Global Transition, which I absolutely urge you to check out, and we bring up another author and expert in the area of third culture and cross cultural kids and global families, Ruth Van Reken.

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Terry Anne Wilson

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