53 minutes | Jul 26th 2020

12. Creating roots in a global setting - with Jacqueline Jeffries

My guest today is Jacqueline, and old friend of mine from the good old California days. This episode was recorded in early March, before Coronavirus changed everything.
Jacqueline is originally from the UK, has lived in France, California, back in the UK, and now lives in Connecticut with her husband and the youngest of their three children - the older two are attending university in the UK (although currently, due to the pandemic, staying with the family in CT).
We discuss her multiple moves and what it's like to create stability and roots for your family when you don't have that permanent physical family home.
We also talk about friends, and how hard it is to make new ones as you get older.
And of course we compare notes on all the things we miss from the UK!

Here's a link to the American school in Thorpe, England, that we talk about:

Jacqueline Jeffries

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