63 minutes | Jul 12th 2020

11. Separated by a common language - with Micah Willbrand

In this episode, I talk to Micah, an American transplant in England. After several hops back and forth across the pond over several years, he currently lives in London.

Our topics are British vs. US work culture, the importance of making tea the right way, the surprising differences in British and American English, and the loveliness of British quirks, accents and culture.

We also discuss the horrendous toll expat life can take on your family, especially when your experience doesn't match up with your partner's or your children's, and how important it is to have a solid support system in place that starts with more awareness from the side of your employer, and also school.

The book I mention is "Watching the English", by Kate Fox. If you are anthropologically inclined, I absolutely recommend it!

To avoid confusion, we recorded this interview a month ago in Austin, however, I edited it while on holiday/vacation in Colorado (please excuse the sound quality at the beginning and end, I was not in my studio), and both locations are mentioned. Enjoy!!

Micah Willbrand

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