120 minutes | Jan 22, 2018

RyckieElis Trancify Radio 04

After a busy start of doing gigs welcoming the new year, I was finally able to find sometime and select a small portion of my favorite and local tracks. Traveling around the state nothing is more inspiring than putting a collection of tracks together as you watch the true beauty of mother nature. I hope you guys enjoy my new episode of, Trancify Radio. Warming things up for you guys taking it slow and then taking it to some serious level! I got a few of some of my favorite tracks from my local friends, so better check out the track list to spot these guy's tracks enjoy! For inquires any questions be sure to contact me on my social media at: www.facebook.com/ryckieelis/ twitter.com/DJElis Bookings at: ryckieelis@gmail.com Tracklist: 01. Orjan Nilsen - Hi There Radio (Extended Mix) 02. Whiteout, Lucid Blue - Only Sorrow knows (Extended Mix) 03. ID-ID 04. ATB & Dash Berlin - Apollo Road (Table 18 Remix) 05. Luke Anders, Sheridan Grout - Aspire (Original Mix) 06. 4 Strings - Solid Session (Original Mix) 07. Protoculture - The Descent (Extended Mix) 08. Pulse Regime & Emma Horan - Quiet Of The Storm (Extended Mix) 09. ReOrder - Reboot (Extended Mix) 10. Duderstadt - Muhanjala (Davey Asprey Extended Remix) 11. Simon Lee & Alvin - Force Forward (Extended Mix) 12. Danilo Ercole - Awake (Quasi Extended Remix) 13. Markus Schulz - The New World (Mark Sherry Extended Remix) 14. Quasi, First Sight - Lunar (Extended Mix) 15. Nenes & Pascal Feliz vs David Gravell - Platinum Melbourne (Sandro Vanniel Mashup) 16. 4 Strings - Beneath The Stars (Original Mix) 17. Driftmoon - Midnight Sun Feat. Julie Elven (Extended Mix) 18. Garry Heaney - Citation (Allan Morrow Remix) 19. Heaven’s Cry - Raw (Extended Mix) 20. Sentinel 7 - In Your Eyes (Original Mix) 21. Digital X - Cyber Initiative (Extended Mix) 22. Sonic Sense - Vishnu (Original Mix) 23. Fiction (RS) - Remarkable Accident (Original Mix) 24. Ital, Helber Gun - Computer Memory (Original Mix) Download for free on The Artist Union
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