23 minutes | Aug 30, 2017

Are You a Product Seller or a Problem Solver?

Your brand on the outside is only as strong as it is on the inside. Honey Shelton welcomes Steve Schmidt to the study as they discuss how to identify and embrace a sales mentality at your bank or credit union, all while making sure you maintain your unique identity. question: What does selling really mean to you? This episode is all about the extended relationship with your customers and will help you answer this simple, yet tough question: Are you simply providing a service or are you a trusted advisor or even a partner to your customers?Steve will introduce you to the 5 dimensions that impact sales performance and the 5 expectations customers have. Discover how to improve sales performance and the real value of a customer centric sales culture and how heightened trust can create win-win-win situations for your customer, financial institution, and employees.Take your brand promise from a statement on a poster to something all your employees believe in!About our GuestSteve Schmidt is an Executive Partner with Integrity Solutions®, a professional services firm that specializes in performance improvement in the areas of sales, service, and coaching. He is involved in business development and managing strategic account relationships, with a strong emphasis in the Financial Service and Insurance sectors. Steve has 11 years of experience developing and implementing revenue generating tools and programs across the sales network. Steve’s broad scope of sales process and sales operations expertise combine to provide insightful and result-producing solutions.  Steve has an undergraduate Business Management degree from the University of South Dakota and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.
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