32 minutes | Sep 30, 2021

Angela Manuel Davis | Grounding Yourself in Purpose

“Living your best life” isn’t about trading your 9-to-5 for margs on the beach (sorry). For Angela Manuel Davis, chief motivational officer (it’s a thing!) and co-founder of indoor-cycling and boot camp studio AARMY, it means figuring out what motivates you and then going all in. On this episode, the former USA Track & Field star shares how she went from being intimidated by cycling to teaching Jay-Z and Oprah, and how — thanks to advice from Dad — her class became known as “church on a bike.” She also explains why accountability and affirmations are total game-changers, how to create group-class vibes at home, and what she does to recharge. In short? She tells  us how we can all get the life we deserve.Mind-Body LinksIf you’re feeling ready for Angela to take you to church, here’s a link to AARMY.Consult the original texts in the Harvard article that Jac and Angela discuss.And oh — did you know that Nike makes an indoor cycling shoe?
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