36 minutes | Aug 5, 2021

Adam Grant | Challenging Your Mindset for the Better

Information is accelerating faster than ever before, according to organizational psychologist Adam Grant. And the only way to keep up with it, he says, is by learning to rethink our assumptions. On this episode, the best-selling author teaches us how to open our minds. He starts with advice from his childhood diving coach that helped him reframe his fear (of heights!) and understand that work ethic matters more than natural talent (or grace) — which eventually led Grant to an All-American title. Then he digs into the reason we should never agree to disagree, the danger of getting wrapped up in health and wellness cults, and the power of having what he calls a “challenge network.”  Inspired to move? Check out the Nike Training Club app, where you’ll find workouts for all fitness levels created and led by Nike trainers, as well as holistic health tips from Nike Performance Council members—all to help you take your wellness to the next level. Clink on the link below to get the app for iOS or Android.Download Now
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