29 minutes | Oct 11, 2021

The "one plan fits all" training split

How do you arrange your week to maximize your time to achieve the goals you have for your body & health? Are their specific days that you need to train a certain muscle group that can effect your next days training session? With there being so many muscles in the body and having to work with DOMS how do you get the best out of everything? These questions are very easy to answer and that's exactly what I do within this episode. I will break down the main focus points you need to dial in to maximize your week's training split.    Key Takeaways: The truth about a "one plan fits all" headline that certain companies will use to make you buy What a training split is, what DOMS is, and how to maximize both The ideal training split for you to achieve any goal you have for your body, health, performance, ect If you have any questions you want answered or wanting to talk to me directly, head over to: https://www.trainhardlivestrong.com/ask Check out all our partnerships: https://www.trainhardlivestrong.com/Partnerships Flex Pro Meals: https://www.flexpromeals.com/ : Code/ TrainHard to save 20% OFF Host: https://www.instagram.com/matthew_fitness_trainer/ Athletic Beings Training & Apparel: www.athleticbeings.com / www.athleticbeingstraining.com Podcast Website: www.trainhardlivestrong.com/podcast LiquidIV: Liquidiv.com / Code: TrainHard / Save 25% off your entire purchase FNX Fit: https://fnx.grsm.io/TrainHard / Code:Trainhard / Save 15% off your entire purchase Flex Pro Meals / 20% off your 1st order / Code: TrainHard: https://www.flexpromeals.com/ YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/MatthewFitnessTrainer Train with Coach Matt Anywhere: www.EliteHIITPerformance.com Artwork
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