75 minutes | Aug 6th 2020

Dylan "Pickle" Tonkin

Dylan Tonkin

This episode features Dylan “Pickle” Tonkin


I saw Dylan’s podcast come out at the end of 2018 when I was just under a year into my show. I remember being completely jealous and totally comparing myself to him bahahah I was still so self-conscious about podcasting back then.


Fast-forward to nearly a year and a half later, I decided to kick my ego out and message Dylan on Instagram to see if he might want to come on my show and do a crossover episode like the one I’d done with Trail Tales.


Man, Dylan turned out to be so kind, funny, and such a great conversation. On our pre-recording screening chat (usually about 15 minutes) we talked for almost an hour! He invited me to his hiker chat (you’re invited too, see the podcast episode description your fave podcast player for details!) and it was a blast. It felt SO good to reconnect with the hiking community virtually while we can’t be out on trail.


This episode was incredible. We talked about how the trail community and the relationships we build on the trail, how the trail brings us back to our best selves, starting your own business after thruhiking, starting a podcast, and social media on trail. Dylan also opens up and shares a very personal story with us about the one day that hit him the hardest emotionally on the trail and why he kept going after it.


I hope this episode inspires you. Whether you’re dreaming about thruhiking, considering entrepreneurship, or you’re also facing the death of an important person in your life, we’ve got something for you here. This episode really rekindled my excitement to plan another thruhike and to push myself harder with this podcast.


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I want to thank you ALL for being here listening. I am so grateful that I get to connect with you through this amazing journey.


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