69 minutes | Aug 4, 2019

#15 | The Social Dynamics of a Thru-Hike (Group 2)

Social dynamics on trail. In our previous episode our group one hikers gave us insight on how their hiking groups have evolved over the course of their hikes. Today, we hear from our remaining PCT and CDT hikers on this same subject. This year has been especially interesting for group dynamics given the high snow levels on the PCT and CDT, as this plays a large role in fragmenting the hiker bubble, as some groups forge through the risky conditions, some skip sections, some flip to the northern terminus and hike south, while others abandon the trail altogether. Our hikers weigh in on everything to do with their hiking groups including the friendships they've formed, how they choose hiking partners, how the dynamics have compared to their pre-trail expectations, and more. FIND US ON ITUNES | FIND US ON GOOGLE PLAY | FIND US ON STITCHER Check out Appalachian Trials and Pacific Crest Trials. In today's show, we hear from:  PCT HIKERS Karthikeya Nadendla Laura Stewart Julie Klazynski Liam Purtle Eric Dernbach & Alison Dernbach Angie Kane Check out our suggested PCT Gear List. CDT HIKERS Sara Dhooma Dosu [divider] Have any praise, questions, praise, comments, praise or praise for Backpacker Radio?  Reach out to podcast@thetrek.co. Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes (and please leave us a review)!   Download this episode here. Find us on Stitcher and Google Play. INSTAGRAM: Follow Trail Correspondents, The Trek, and Badger. YOUTUBE: Subscribe to The Trek. FACEBOOK: Follow Trail Correspondents and The Trek. < sign up for our newsletter > Editing and music courtesy of Pauly Boy Shallcross.
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