17 minutes | Jan 14, 2019

Traffic and Leads Masters

Hi everybody, it’s One-Click Lindsey (https://www.oneclicklindsey.com/). Today' I am going to share Traffic and Leads Masters Program (https://www.trafficandleadsmembership.com/ultimatemembership)! An all-inclusive package that lasts for six months, the Master's Program is a perfect opportunity for marketers and business owners alike to brush up on their digital marketing skills, while also learning a bit about everything in the digital marketing world with access to everything inside my business brain. It’s something you won’t want to miss out on, trust me. Let’s get started! IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: * How you can get in on the Live Showcase Method! Last week, I went over the basics of what the Live Showcase Method contains, and how it can help you in your Facebook Live endeavors. Right now, and until Tuesday at midnight, you can sign up for your chance to get the Live Showcase Method treatment at liveshowcasemethod.com! I spent my entire 2018 learning how to utilize the power of Facebook Live, so trust me when I say that the Live Showcase Method is a surefire way towards success! * Briefly, I go over what comes with the Live Showcase Method package! For starters, I provide my clients with a calendar link, where they can input their Facebook Live schedule. Then, when the time comes, my staff and I will come out to view your Facebook Live in order to give you feedback and critiques of your hosting methods! Everyone starts at 0 viewers, so don’t let that disappoint you as you grind your way up the ladder. * In addition to that, I’ll be going live myself to perform the Live Showcase Method! Every day at 9 AM, join me and see what it’s all about, and let me talk to you about the variety of ways that your digital marketing can get an upgrade! With a variety of topics already covered, make sure you join me over the next couple of days to understand why people are starting to harness the amazing power of Facebook Live videos. * During these Facebook Lives, I talk about the new product that I’m selling to my amazing audience—the Traffic and Leads Masters Program! The second iteration of this run through, the Traffic and Leads Masters Program has everything you need to be successful when it comes to the world of online marketing. With how well it works, I have no doubt that you can and will pay off the entire membership cost in the first month! * I’ll go into what you can expect when you sign up for the Traffic and Leads Masters Program, starting with a weekly phone call with me! That’s right—for the first month, I’m on standby weekly to answer any questions you could have and to solve any problems that might come up. Additionally, you’ll be added to a private Facebook group that’s made of staff members of mine, as well as marketers who’ve signed up for the program previously, providing you with a source of community, and a wealth of information! * Lastly, I’ll talk about some of the other benefits of the program, which include an accountability coach. Someone you can talk to once a month, an accountability coach is someone who can make sure that you’re on the right track, that you have a plan and a strategy in place, and that you’re doing all necessary things to achieve your end goal. Additionally, you’ll get access to all of my previous training, which range across a large spectrum of digital marketing!
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