20 minutes | Jan 21, 2019

How to Get Unstuck

Melisa Liberman (https://www.linkedin.com/in/melisa-liberman) is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast (https://trafficandleadspodcast.com). The creator of Crushing Motherhood (https://crushingmotherhood.com/), Melisa is a career coach for corporate mothers, and she has the information you need in order to balance your life! From maintaining a state of technology free presence with your children to making sure that you’ve got a 3 step process in place for getting yourself out of that rut, Melisa gives me all the details on what makes her a successful mother, and how you can be the very same. Let’s get started! IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: * What it is Melisa does! As stated above, she works as a dedicated career coach for mothers who are also business owners. These women may find themselves struggling to reach a balance between their former, high performing self and all the motherhood challenges that come into their lives recently. On top of trying to maintain a business career, these women have a family to care for, and Melisa can help them with both. * Melisa talks to us about the feeling of being “stuck”. Often, people can feel stuck due to having too much on their plate. They need things, and they have so many goals they want to accomplish but no way of immediately doing it. With that big (or small) goal on your plate, you can find yourself bogged down and stuck, leaving the goals we’re trying to accomplish in the dust. * Where that feeling of being stuck comes from—our mindset! A lot of it comes from feelings of not being good enough, from feelings of failure and that we’re not capable of actually accomplishing our goals. This underlying thought process about our capabilities and our ability to succeed can hold us back. Additionally, Melisa warns that we might be trying to stretch ourselves too thin with our goals and that the overextension is stopping us from doing anything at all. * Melisa teaches us how to beat getting stuck with 3 easy tricks. The first one involves doing a brain dump—figure out what the things you want to do are, and write them down on a piece of paper. From there, you can see everything laid flat, and whether these goals are personal or business-related, they have a place to exist outside of your head, making it clear and ready for processing. * Step 2 revolves around what you think about your brain dump. Melisa encourages us to peel back the layers to figure out what’s preventing us from taking action, and what’s keeping us stuck where we’re at. When you look at your brain tump, you can write out the thoughts you have about it—if you think you can accomplish it, how you can do it, and why. Through this, you’ll start writing out things that revolve around your capabilities, and what you can and cannot do. These things that lie under the surface are what’s causing you to be stuck, and now you have a way to find and recognize them. * Step 3 involves figuring out what thoughts can serve you. In this process, we can shift into what Melisa calls “B- work”—it’s not done perfectly, but it’s done, and it’s out there. The idea of perfection can weigh heavily on a lot of people, especially in the marketing world, and we all have moments where we’re wondering if we’re spending enough time on this or that. We end up getting stuck due to those thoughts about ourselves, and the judgments we have about ourselves as a parent or a business owner. * Melisa talks about juggling a business with having children, telling us that the first part is knowing what the big picture is. In terms of your business, what are the 2 or 3 things that you’re trying to accomplish at any given time?
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