23 minutes | Jan 28, 2019

Conquer Your Critic

Stacy Raske Martin (https://www.stacyraske.com/home) is our special guest on today's episode of Traffic and Leads Podcast. Stacy Known as the Empowered Overthinker. Stacy knows what it’s like to suffer first hand from having too much gone on in your brain at once to get something done, and this week, she’s here to share her expertise on how to get yourself on the right track, and how to dig yourself out of mental holes that your brain puts you into. Let’s get started! IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: * What it is that Stacy does! As the Empowered Overthinker, Stacy helps female entrepreneurs who find themselves stuck in cycles of doubt build the confidence and consistency they need to reach their high-level goals and believe they’re good enough to reach out and reach up! Though Stacy does know that the process of overthinking happens to anyone, she notes how differently it manifests in women, especially women who work in the world of business. That’s where her specialties come in handy. * Stacy talks to us about how it works with women and the power of overthinking, noting that there’s so much expectation that women fall under. On top of the pressures from society, women tend to put themselves under a mountain of pressure as well and combined, it makes for a stagnant work ethic when you’re trying to run a business. * In order to find success, Stacy states that you have to first be in alignment with yourself, and your needs. When it comes to building a business, you’re so focused on yourself as the brand, that you don’t tend to think about yourself as a person. When you’re inner critic gets in the way, in terms of sabotage and negative thinking space, it can bring your business down, due to feelings of imperfection, and not being good enough. * Stacy explains to us the 4 simple steps that are amazing for crushing your inner critic, starting with routines! You need to master your morning, your day, and your night, and create time that’s solely dedicated to yourself. By focusing a few minutes of your day on your needs, you’re telling yourself that you’re good enough to have this time. * Second, Stacy talks about the release! You need to let go of the things you don’t actually have control over, and that starts with releasing the energy spent into making these things work. We’re so backed up with emotions that it puts us in a place of being highly reactive to the world, instead of being proactive in what we want to achieve. We need to consciously recognize what we can control, and release what we can’t, in order to clear our brains and shift our focus. * Third, Stacy talks about being able to receive! When you’re working hard on your business, you’re focused on growth and obtaining your goals. However, during that process, you need to make sure you’re not blocking yourself from receiving what’s coming in! The biggest block you can suffer from is expectations—if things aren’t exactly what we expect them to be, we tend to think that we didn’t win. In that case, you’re not receiving your victory due to perfectionism, and blocking your own success as well. * Lastly, Stacy talks about respect. One of the most important things in a business setting is to have respect for yourself by setting boundaries. This is the missing piece for most people, and though it’s a topic of conversation, no one’s really explaining the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of boundaries. They are the mechanism that affects all of the other things we do, and you need to instill a set of personal boundaries for yourself and your work.
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