51 minutes | Jul 22, 2020

TradeSecrets Podcast Ep.29 - Eddie Brown - AUDIO

TradeSecrets by: Tripletote Ep. 29 - Eddie Brown This week on TradeSecrets by: Tripletote I interviewed Eddie Brown. Eddie is the Director of The Greater Hartford Youth Leadership Academy. Eddie graduated from Hartford Public High School and became a communications major at Eastern Connecticut State University. After college began working a traditional nine to five job. Eddie has always felt that he’s had a calling to help people in some capacity and to succeed, he decided to take a leap of faith. He tried a series of gigs until he landed a job helping, guiding, and mentoring Hartford (CT) youth. Regards, Antwaine Eddie Brown - https://www.hartfordctc.org/new2020/index.php TradeSecrets by: Tripletote is Hosted by Antwaine Debnam TradeSecrets by: Tripletote is produced by www.CapriMediaCompany(.com)
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