28 minutes | May 6, 2021

Presenting The Dose: Asian Americans and the Dual Pandemic

Racism against people of Asian descent is not a new problem, but it’s been exacerbated lately by politicians using racist rhetoric to describe the coronavirus. Asians in America are now facing a dual pandemic: a heightened fear of racist abuse, from verbal slurs to physical assault, on top of all the anxiety of living through COVID-19. A conversation from our colleagues at The Dose.


Shanoor Servai, MPP, Researcher, Writer and Lead Podcast Producer; The Commonwealth Fund

Vivian Shaw, PhD, College Fellow, Department of Sociology at Harvard University; Lead Researcher, AAPI COVID-19 Project

Susanna Park, PhD Candidate in Global Health, Oregon State University

Read a full transcript and learn more information about the AAPI COVID-19 project on our website: https://tradeoffs.org/2021/05/06/presenting-the-dose-asian-americans-and-the-dual-pandemic/

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