77 minutes | May 14, 2020

TGI 46: How to Earn Writing on Substack with Casey Botticello

Today we’re joined by Casey Botticello, an internet entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant with over a decade of experience creating and improving internet-based businesses. He is an avid writer on Medium, and is the editor of Blogging Guide, an award-winning newsletter which helps writers navigate the digital publishing landscape and shows them how to monetize their content. Casey has thousands of followers on Medium and nearly 30k LinkedIn followers. He's partner at Black Edge Consulting and been in marketing and writing for over a decade now. How to Connect with Casey: Twitter Website LinkedIn Medium Instagram How to Support Casey: Check out Casey’s Blogging Guide newsletter on Substack Notes from Casey: How to Form a Super PAC, by Casey Botticello Create Passive Income Through Stock Photography Using Your Phone, by Casey Botticello Passive Income Ideas for 2020 - Escaping the 9 to 5, by Casey Botticello Substack vs Medium, by Casey Botticello Learn More: If you would like to help raise money for causes, or yourself, check out Stagepass at https://yourstagepass.com. If you would like to create experiences, let me know and I’ll get in touch!  If you would like weekly summaries with TGI hacks from each episode, sign up here. Connect with TGI: Facebook Twitter Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Stitcher Spotify We’re also available anywhere podcasts are!
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