1 minutes | Oct 7, 2019

Season 3: The Beauty of an Excellent Life (Trailer)

Some social critics argue that the Internet Age has ushered in a culture of mediocrity and amateurism. But maybe there’s another story. Maybe these bewildering times prompt in us a new kind of drive. Almost all of us want to get better at something, whether it is being a better business owner or painter, prototyper or parent. Inherent in this desire to improve is the drive to excel: A daring to flourish in our work, our creativity, and our humanity.   Is it possible that if we dared to excel together – guided by qualities such as wonder, beauty, and compassion – we could enhance our lives and elevate the world around us? Is it possible that qualities such as ambition, openness, curiosity, and an appreciation of beauty can fuel our pursuit of excellence? To dare to excel is to venture into the unknown, to test our limits, to go beyond the bounds of our comfort zone. But this is a risk worth taking for our own benefit and for the sake of making the world a more beautiful place. Join us each Tuesday to discover how beauty, wonder, and mastery can shape a fulfilling and fruitful life.
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