13 minutes | Apr 18, 2021

Ship of Theseus & The Afterlife | Now That We're Men Podcast | Short #1

Today the boys explore something a bit different. They explore the classical philosophical scenario of the ship of Theseus which then takes an unexpected turn into a question about the afterlife. Who tf do we think we are and how did this come up? Well, we’re philosophers and the idea came from a scene from WandaVision. Let us know if you like these shorter conversations and we’ll keep doing them! Make sure to comment, subscribe, follow, rate, review, and all the other fun stuff you can do ;) Links to all of our platforms https://linktr.ee/ntwmproductions (Intro and Outro Song) Spongebob Remix - “Krusty Krab” [Vine Remix] created by https://linktr.ee/eugenethedream Thanks to the urban engine for the partial graphic you see in the video http://theurbanengine.com/blog//the-ship-of-theseus If you want to see the inspiration for this video https://youtu.be/cFLdaD4us5I 
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