142 minutes | Jul 28, 2017

Episode 122 - #ReleaseTheJellyfish

Episode 122 is our first show since the big amiibo release and Beasts of Balance Kickstarter launch, but all we really want to talk about tonight is Jason's trip to Southern California for the D23 Expo and Disneyland vacation!    First, Jason breaks down the highs and lows of his travel, his time at the parks, and the insanity that was the D23 Expo. When we get down to the news of the industry, we skip over Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions, as neither franchise has anything to report on. We jump over to amiibo, and break down the recent release wave of figures. Then we break down the newest tidbits from Lightseekers. And finally, we break down the incredible Beasts of Balance Kickstarter campaign, which they are totally crushing, and we plead ... #ReleaseTheJellyfish!   In the back half of the episode, we read through all the tweets for the #CommunityQuestion, and pick a winner for the #ResponseOfTheWeek giveaway. Finally, we wrap up with emails from the great folks in the community, doing our best to answer all questions thrown our way!   All this and more on Episode 122 of the Toys For Games ‘Cast! Our Sponsors: SHOW SPONSOR - Devin Laschinski (YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dlasch2) James Holian (@InfinityMuseum) Matt Sonnenberg (@SCLMatt) from SkylandersCharacterList.com and Facebook.com/SkylandersCharacterList Micheal O'Driscoll (@amiibo_Museum) Christopher Long (@clong83), from Long’s Toys. Check out his YouTube page as well! Evan, TheLoneGoldfish (@TheLoneGoldfish). Watch him play games at Twitch.tv/TheLoneGoldfish Want to become a Sponsor as well? Check out our Patreon page!
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