43 minutes | Apr 23rd 2021

Verdict in Chauvin Trial Reverberates Across a Nervous Nation

Townhall Review for April 24, 2021 Bob Frantz talks with Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan about President Biden’s comments calling the United States systemically racist. Larry Elder examines the controversial comments of California Congresswoman Maxine Waters and the possible effect the comments had on the outcome of the Chauvin trial. Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Paul Kengor, political science professor at Grove City College, about the calls to defund the police. Hugh Hewitt talks with John Ullyot, former deputy assistant to President Trump, about President Biden’s misplaced priorities with China and with Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher about the Russian military buildup on the shared border with Ukraine. Charlie Kirk tells the story of Andrew Guttman who wrote a letter to the parents of a private school urging them to hold the school accountable for a curriculum that is at odds with their own values and convictions. Hugh Hewitt talks with National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar about the paranoia surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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