42 minutes | Apr 2nd 2021

Democrats Plot Massive Tax Increase

Townhall Review for April 3, 2021 Hugh Hewitt talks with Fred Barnes, long-time newsman, about the extraordinary spending, taxes, and progressive agenda put forth by the Biden Administration. Hugh Hewitt discusses the death tax with Byron York, chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner. Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean joins Kevin McCullough to talk about the accusations facing New York Governor Cuomo. Mike Gallagher talks about the state of Georgia’s election reform laws recently initiated and now under fire from the left. Larry Elder talks about the Democrat effort to eliminate the filibuster rules in the U.S. Senate even though they were staunch advocates for the filibuster back in 2005. Dennis Prager and Stephen Meyer, director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, talk about his new book out titled “Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe.” Larry Elder talks about another outrageous statement from California Congresswoman Maxine Watters.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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