96 minutes | Mar 26th 2021

057 - Novel/Movie - Misery + Misery (1990)

In this episode, Tiny and I review Stephen King’s 1987 novel Misery and the 1990 film adaptation by Rob Reiner. Timestamps Show Start - 00:19 Re: Apt Pupil - 04:16 News - 10:11 Check-Ins - 16:20  Novel - Misery Overview - 24:15 Novel Review - 32:05 Spoilers - 42:35  Movie - Misery (1990) Movie Review - 1:00:44 Spoilers - 1:14:45  Closing the Ep - 1:31:34 Patreon Stinger - 1:32:36 Pre-Recorded Outro - 1:33:25 Related Links The Company of the Mad: The Stand Podcast - Podcast Ka-Tet Corner Support Obsessive Viewer Podcasts Here Tower Junkies: The Masterlist Tower Junkies: Episode Archive  Stephen King: L.T.'s Theory of Pets - YouTube Paramount+ - A new origins story feature based on the Stephen King bestseller Pet Sematary, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura producing and a script by Jeff Buhler. Through three movies, Paramount’s Pet Sematary movies have grossed over $175M WW. Bloody Disgusting: Dave Erickson, the co-creator of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” is now turning “The Jaunt” into a TV series as part of an overall deal with MRC Television. Edgar Wright To Direct Stephen King’s ‘The Running Man’ At Paramount Pictures; Simon Kinberg’s Genre Films Producing Stephen King’s Castle Rock Novella ‘Elevation’ Being Turned into a Film Amazon Affiliate Links Different Seasons - Paperback Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption - Standalone Paperback Apt Pupil - Standalone Paperback The Body - Standalone Paperback Stand By Me (1986) - 4k Ultra + Blu-Ray The Shawshank Redemption (1994) - Blu-Ray  Obsessive Viewer - Our weekly movie and TV discussion and review podcast Apple Podcasts - Google Podcasts - Stitcher Obsessive Viewer Presents: Anthology– Matt’s solo podcast exploring science fiction anthology storytelling in television’s first golden age starting with The Twilight Zone. Apple Podcasts – Google Podcasts – Stitcher – Twitter Shocktober in Irvington - Obsessive Viewer’s yearly event screening of short horror films from Indianapolis filmmakers to support the Irvington Historical Society The Secular Perspective - Check out Tiny’s side project podcast that explores the concepts of faith, religion and existence from the perspective of secular hosts Chad and Amanda Episode Homepage: http://www.towerjunkiespod.com/057 Tower Junkies Subscribe Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Podcasts TuneIn Radio RSS Feed Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram Episodes by Category News– Covering news items related to Stephen King and The Dark Tower Palaver– General discussions about Stephen King and/or The Dark Tower series Khef– Reviews and discussions of books and comics in The Dark Tower series Novel Reviews– Reviews of Stephen King (and related) novels Novella Reviews– Reviews of Stephen King (and related) novellas Short Story Reviews– Reviews of Stephen King (and related) short stories and short story collections Comic Reviews– Reviews of Stephen King (and related) comic books and comic adaptations Movie Reviews– Reviews of Stephen King (and related) movie adaptations TV Reviews– Reviews of Stephen King (and related) TV adaptations Commentary Tracks– Special commentary track recordings that can be listened to while watching the title or simply as a podcast episode Interviews– Interviews with people with special ties to the work of Stephen King Special Eps– Episodes that don’t fit into the other categories; usually announcement episodes pertaining to the podcast itself Matt’s Top 19 King Novels 11/22/63 It Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower IV) Pet Sematary Misery The Shining The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower II) The Dark Tower (The Dark Tower VII) The Stand The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower III) Under the Dome Christine Doctor Sleep Wolves of the Calla (The Dark Tower V) The Dead Zone The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower I) Revival End of Watch Mr. Mercedes  Tiny’s Top 19 King Novels The Dark Tower (Dark Tower VII) Misery The Stand The Shining The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower II) The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower I) Christine Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower IV) It Cujo The Dead Zone Mr. Mercedes Gerald’s Game Pet Sematary Wolves of the Calla (The Dark Tower V) Salem’s Lot Under the Dome 11/22/63 The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower III)
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