37 minutes | Jul 15, 2020

Toss Talk 042 – Castlesquares

Game Creator: Ian & Kiki Follow: @castlesquares Shop: https://www.castlesquares.com/ Promo Code: tosstunes Get $30 off your purchase of a castlesquares set! _________ In this episode of Toss Talk our guest caller Kiki & Ian the owners of the new game called Castlesquares a 9 square game of volleyball in the sky. Very innovative and tons of fun, they started playing Castlesquares at their large family gatherings and youth ministry activities, an amazing thing happened. Every player felt included, capable, and unified after playing. That is why they decided to take their favorite family game and offer it to you! ______ Show Sponsor Follow: @chip_down Shop Now: https://chipdown.com/ Promo Code: TOSS Toss Talk Listeners Get 10% off first purchase ____ Tally Tumbler Kickstarter Follow @tallytumbler Pre-Order: https://www.tallytumbler.com/ ------ Show Creator: @1080kelvin Email: Kelvin@tossyard.com Text: 757-567-3395
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