50 minutes | Jun 9, 2020

Toss Talk 041 – Gates Club

Game Creators: Dave & Katrina Follow: @gatesclub & @unitedlawnball Shop: DM to order _________ In this episode of Toss Talk our guest caller is Dave and Katrina the creators of the game gates. Its fun game of skill that involves kicking a ball at wooden pegs on the ground. The game set has a vintage style and is personally hand made by Dave so it is a classic. Check out the story behind the game in this episode Toss Talk ______ Show Sponsor Follow: @chip_down Shop Now: https://chipdown.com/ Promo Code: TOSS Toss Talk Listeners Get 10% off first purchase ____ Tally Tumbler Kickstarter Follow @tallytumbler Pre-Order: https://www.tallytumbler.com/ ------ Show Creator: @1080kelvin Email: Kelvin@tossyard.com Text: 757-567-3395
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