30 minutes | May 11, 2020

Toss Talk 036 – I'm Here For The Chain Bang

Disc Golf Influencer: Sam Cooper Follow: @Imhereforthechainbang @agldisc @chainbangofficial @chainbang_gang @saludinfusions Shop Now:  https://www.chainbangofficial.com/shop _________ In this episode of Toss Talk our guest caller is Sam Cooper the owner of the Instagram page I Am Here For The Chain Bang and owner of AGL Discs apart of the Chainbang Official. Sam is a business owner and influencer in the rising sport of disc golf. We chat about social media, business and where the sport of disc golf is going. Enjoy! ______ Show Sponsor Follow: @mozarkusa Shop Now: https://mozarkusa.com/ Promo Code: MOFUN Toss Talk Listeners get 10% off their game purchase! ____ Tally Tumbler Kickstarter Follow @tallytumbler Pre-Order: https://www.tallytumbler.com/ ------ Show Creator: @1080kelvin Email: Kelvin@tossyard.com Text: 757-567-3395
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