19 minutes | May 1, 2019

Toshi Talks : E1- What Happened to Etika

This is the first episode of the "Toshi Talks" podcast. Our first topic is about mental health, and youtubers, specifically about the Youtuber, "EtikaWorldNetwork." As a fan of his community for years before he officially blew up, until his main channel got shut down, I wanted to post this to express how I feel about this whole situation. As a fellow New Yorker (cause Etika's from Brooklyn), the way his behavior has been on Twitter from racist tweets, to saying the f word, has been unacceptable, and I go into more detail about how I feel in the podcast. I know that the organization is a little messy, but rest assured, we will slowly grow into a great podcast. Until then, thanks for tuning in, and be sure to leave your feedback down below. Thank you!
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