65 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

Wave-Cat Duality

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Lords: Hallie https://twitter.com/Hallie_9000 Jenni jenni@jennipolodna.com Riff and Jenni play Policenauts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnaryt7Vd-U&list=PLQqC_GkS4_4ZgJEvjj31kQpY75-Pnmbul Topics: Tarot readings using meme templates In the musical Cats, jellicle cats ascend to the Heaviside Layer & come back reborn, therefore cats are radio waves, discuss https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1382102/Now-Lloyd-Webber-puts-Eliots-dogs-to-music.html Original twitter thread about platonic cats: https://twitter.com/chriscereza/status/1316118239785574400 Why the Music In Cats Is Worse Than You Thought https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3aK-EK5V2k Disney attending your funeral http://magicalpassings.com/ John asks "Country Time Lemonade lent their brand name to the best lemon candy I ever had which I discovered right about the time it was discontinued" Why are you not supposed to let a moose lick your car, is it because their tongues will get stuck, how do you stop them Jokes as motivation to learn Unkomario and kintamario https://i.imgur.com/83LapJQ.png https://i.imgur.com/Vj3nsyW.png 18-Volt squatting on a coin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJKFZVEKHYY Microtopics: Whether this is going to be a fun episode or if it's going to crash and burn after two minutes. Trying to eat a watermelon in December and nature punishing you for your hubris. A tarot deck of memes. Describing memes in an audio medium. Arby's. Getting ASMR live on the podcast. The Deck of Old Memes. Where the horsey sauce comes out. Your Arby's cups with a radioactive ghost. The Loss Spread. Literary analysis of a work of art, except it's a roguelike. Jellicle cats. Making noises even if you have nothing to say. Loving Cats unironically except for the fatphobic one. Advertisements for the stage musical Cats making it seem like Les Miserables, a show you go to to cry for three hours. Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat. Fantasizing that the hipster guy at the moustache wax store is your boyfriend. Platonic forms that have been banished to earth and must prove themselves sufficiently perfect to return to the realm of ideas. Whether pollicle is a back formation from jellicle. Never having met a pollicle dog, nor watched a fever dream of a movie where they sing to you. The good content that you can't keep it together through. Reinforcing Goofy's head so that it doesn't fall into the casket when he kisses the body. Burying you with a solar powered mp3 player so that you can hear "It's A Small World" on loop for eternity. Hiring someone to be you from the past so they can have it out with Goofy dressed as the Ghost of Christmas Future at your funeral. Planning the Best Funeral Ever. Whether Disney is willing to DMCA takedown your novelty Disney funeral. Our Cyberpunk Future being cool as heck and also unimaginably awful, like Lovecraft. Our Cool Cyberpunk Future, where there are cool things and terrible things, and the rich people have the cool things, and you can try to steal them from them. To what degree we got our Dystopian Cyberpunk Future because Jeff Bezos loved Neuromancer and wanted to make it happen for real. Hiring Hiro Protagonist from Snow Crash to come to your funeral and kiss you on the lips, and getting a Meme Virus that persists through your death. Hiring Tron Guy to come to your funeral and kiss you on the list. Refusing to let Tron Guy see Tron Legacy at your movie theater because Ernest Cline would just buy the theater immediately. Pickle brine that tastes a lot like peppery lemonade. The hierarchy of sour candies. Sour candy marketing in the 90s proclaiming that "your mom hates these!" The difference between macaroons and macarons, and whether it exists. The difference between pies and tarts, and whether it exists. Graham cracker crust quiche. The same podcast episode but you keep editing new guest commentary in so that gets longer and longer. Not letting a moose lick your car, because their tongue might get stuck. Driving away after the moose's tongue gets stuck to your bumper and the moose flies behind you like a kite. Driving in bemoosed roads. Driving away when a moose tries to lick your car. Moose seeing a car and thinking "oh good a source of salt." The hippos of the West. Telling your child that every animal is imaginary so they can have the magical moment of discovering the truth over and over again. Frightening a bear away by putting moose antlers on it and showing it a mirror. Inventing and testing sour honey live on this podcast. The patron saint of standing on your head. A sour honey update: it's fine. The new sour salty honey candy, "Are They Gonna Give Me That Sour Salty Honey?" People and learning and why they do it. The thing about jokes. Putting a bunch of bad programming means on the classroom wall because students will want to understand the joke. Learning a little about many things and becoming a generalist. The only STEM person in this anatomy and physiology class making jokes about how the kidneys are a linked list. A meme in the sense of making your calculator say "BOOBIES" An extremely elaborate process for making it kinda look like Mario is pooping. Duolingo finally paying off when you can discern which Mario is pooping and which Mario has testicles. An official Nintendo product acknowledging the schoolyard meme where it looks like Mario is pooping. Inventing new things to do with video games. The Green Demon. The essence of swag. Memes with good cinematography. Inventing rules to apply to yourself to make video games harder. Beating Pokemon with all Woopers. A problematic Kojima game?! Opting out of having an adult name. Support Topic Lords
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