53 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

Gaseous Iron And The Hot Jupiters

Support Topic Lords on Patreon and get episodes a week early! Lords: Ben https://twitter.com/AussieBen Michelle https://twitter.com/riding_red https://www.sciencealert.com/ Topics: Dora the Explorer and the City of Gold was a delightful surprise We're about to land another rover on Mars and that is super way cool Michelle: "Just clarifying that most discarded rocket stages don't end up in low-Earth orbit forever, they're designed to deorbit and burn up on atmospheric reentry. Sometimes things just go a bit awry." Scratch-off Donkey Kong http://catfish.it.cx/trsrockin/trsrockin.com/dkcards.html Ville asks "Tangential to dishwasher salmon, there are multiple coffee maker cookbooks, including a Finnish one that includes recipes like lamb and carrots in balsamic dressing, and wild mushroom risotto." Do you want to ask me stuff about exoplanets https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyeball_planet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_Jupiter Microtopics: Growing your own mushrooms. Aliens growing out of your mycelium. Growing your own toxic mushrooms from murder mushroom kits. The incredible mushroom picking season that COVID facilitated. One of those styrofoam boxes from the fruit shop. When a teenager says "ok boomer" to you and you're like "dude I'm thirty." Signing up for the free trial of Amazon Prime so you can watch the live action Dora the Explorer movie. Looking at the camera and asking the viewer "Can you say 'deadly neurotoxin?'" Accidentally getting boxed in a crate and sent to the jungle. A CG animated fox voiced by Benicio del Toro. The nerd character getting beaten up in the background as the protagonist walks away. Singing the poo song and burying your poo with the poo shovel while everybody else is fleeing from the hail of arrows. Why Diego exists. (Because American audiences couldn't handle boys watching a show about a girl.) How to stop Swyper from swiping. ABC, the Australian analog of the BBC. Percy the Perseverance Robot. Whether it would be more exciting for the Mars Rover to land safely or explode in a fireball. How to transfer between two different orbits. Making a beeline for Mars. Attaching a broom to Perseverance to sweep the dust off of Opportunity's solar panels. Returning a soil sample from Mars. Returning a rock sample from an asteroid. Not being able to tell the difference between water and just a different colored dirt. Signs of ancient microbes. Choosing which way you want Mario to go and then scratching off a silver oval to see what happens. Choosable Path Adventures. ChooseCo is preparing to sue you right now. Writing the novelization of Super Mario Bros. when all you have for reference is the instruction manual. Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf. A story from Jim's youth. A little cardboard door that you open to see if you won a prize. How children were so starved for entertainment in the 80s that scratch off Donkey Kong seemed cool. Shrinking down a full size comic to fit in a cereal box so you need to read it with a microscope. Magazines that are printed with that red/blue 3D effect that doesn't quite work. A sponge pen with reactive ink in it that you brush against the seemingly blank page to reveal clues. How the "Yes & Know" invisible ink puzzle books have a completely different atrocious pun for a title in Australia, "Mr. Mystery." Knowing your parents really like you if you get a Scrooge McDuck comic. How to find a drip coffee maker in Australia. Going to a McDonald's in the 1980s to try out your novelty lamb and carrots in the drip coffee maker recipe, because there's nowhere else to find a drip coffee maker in Australia. Someone giving you a drip coffee machine as a gift and you're like "what the hell am I gonna do with this" and then you remember that wild mushroom risotto coffee machine recipe. Comparing your "no and" current guest to the guest who tried microwaving Coca Cola during the episode. An American lady on TikTok showing you all the wrong ways to make common British food. The best exoplanet. Eyeball planets. Tidally locked planets possibly being habitable at The Terminator. Using our scientific expertise to turn the moon into an eyeball. Detecting exoplanets via periodic dimming of stars. A weird little ice world. An exoplanet named "Steve" that has wronged you in some way. Exoplanet naming conventions. Tasking Reddit with naming all 4,300 known exoplanets. Hundreds of hypothetical dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt. Taking a two year break from Twitter and feeling much better. Rescuing greyhounds. Support Topic Lords
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