73 minutes | Apr 5, 2021

76. The Validity Of Converting Songs To Buildings

Support Topic Lords on Patreon and get episodes a week early! Lords Maxx maxx.infinity@gmail.com http://mechcem.itch.io/ Aaron http://aaronsee.media/ Topics: The TV Show Russian Doll and emotionally correct magic logic My favorite captchas http://www.captchacomics.com/index.php?i=1540 AI-remastered Rick Astley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ocykBzWDiM Kegel based video games and sex UI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OYmIexjX8U Death Stranding, Tenet, and responsible creativity Microtopics: The green fuzzy stuff, and how nice it is to touch. Moss on all sides of a tree. Moss directionality at various latitudes. Having a water-borne moss ball instead of a fidget spinner. Russian Doll. Whether there is or ought to be another season of Russian Doll. Restarting from the same point every time you die. Every episode of a TV series depicting the same four years of high school except the protagonist joins a different club. The three names of Edge of Tomorrow. All You Need is Kill: Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat. Naming your book like an eBay auction. Time travel between adjacent panels of a comic. Characters in a story trying to figure out how the author's mind works. Successfully fusing world building with a character-driven story. Designing a game where the game rules change based on choices players make in the story. Celebrities in Prison. Any given playthrough of a game being consistent with itself, but not with other playthroughs. Playing an interactive story on the Wayback Machine, where it's no longer interactive. Running a MUD and exposing its creative tools to your players. Matching spiral galaxies to demonstrate your humanity. Putting pedestrians at risk by giving bad information to CAPTCHAs. Figuring out who your CAPTCHA buddy is so that you can give the driving AI bad information together. A CAPTCHA asking you how many instances of the letter i are in the author's name, then after you answer revealing their middle name. A spammer caring enough to figure out your bespoke commenting system so that they can spam it. A CAPTCHA saying "if you are human, type the word 'human' into this box" and filtering out the spam bots because they type in "spam bot" instead. Crook things. A phrase both too specific and too general to be useful. Doing divination readings by writing kanji with swinging pendulums. Using images as the source of randomness in a roguelike's daily run. Here was a song but now it's a building. Questioning the validity of converting songs to buildings. Having a lot of things and needing to create names for them. An incredible bomble. Deleting this entire discussion and replacing it with Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. Reacting to the gestalt of Rick Astley singing in front of a fence. Upscaling a music video to 4k and then applying a CRT filter to make it look like it's on an old TV. Content aware fill but for time instead of space. Using content aware scale to make videos of hilarious cartoon people. Lighting the underside of a bridge by reflecting a searchlight off of a pot of water. A shadow of Rick Astley clapping his hands and his right hand just vanishes. Finally noticing the bartender in the Rick Astley music video. Doing a graceful dance nice that most people would wreck themselves trying without even conveying to onlookers that they're trying to dance. Trying to dragon punch but missing the timing so Ryu just flails uselessly for a few seconds. Flappy Bird with a kegels controller. The portable urination games that you see people playing on the subway and wonder if they're winning. Repeatedly firing a semiautomatic rifle by kegeling as rapidly as possible and then doing a backflip to reload. Werewolf except you're interrogating everyone to figure out who has just eaten a spicy pepper. Creative responsibility. What's good and bad about walking in video games. Winner vs. Loser. Spamming the forward button to run. Tapping the forward button at a certain rate or the protagonist trips and falls. Just being a capsule and going to zero velocity when you hit a wall. Filling your AAA hiking simulator with questionable exposition. Hiking through the United States except it's actually Iceland. Pressing a button to react to strong winds. What happens when you try to make games that aren't shooting people. Really thinking hard about what it means to walk. Making a AAA walking simulator and breaking down your org chart into the left foot team, the right foot team, the left knee team, &c. Hiking barefoot on an intensely beautiful mountain and not seeing any of it because you're looking at your footing. Taking in the beauty of your environment. Building a hill the size of a large building but painting it to look like a 20,000 foot mountain. The difficulty of emulating a Windows 95 game. How to install Windows 95 on a modern computer when modern computers don't have CD-ROM drives. Support Topic Lords
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