47 minutes | Apr 29th 2021

Extra: Roddy Piper Documentary, Dynamite Reviews (Locker Room Show)

The first edition of our bonus podcast from the Locker Room app is available here in podcast form! We'll be posting these weekly bonus shows to our Patreon moving forward as an added perk. However, this week, we're putting the first edition out to our regular podcast feed to give everyone a taste of the bonus show we'll be doing each and every week moving forward on Locker Room. So if you aren't able to listen in live on the Locker Room app (it's exclusive to Apple right now), or if you 'd rather listen at your convenience, you can tune in for a podcast version exclusively on Patreon starting next week. Join our Patreon, the best way to support our show's growth, at: www.patreon.com/topropenationStarting with a pledge of just $5, you will get a minimum of five Patreon-exclusive bonus podcasts from us each and every month. These bonus shows will include our weekly Locker Room app live show in podcast form, plus our monthly and long-running "Top Rope Nation Classics" Patreon bonus show (the April episode drops tomorrow). This week on Locker Room, we discussed Wednesday's AEW Dynamite, the Roddy Piper Documentary from Sunday night on A&E, and took calls from the live listeners.A lot of fun and already looking forward to next week! Enjoy!You can get the Locker Room app here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/locker-room-talk-sports-now/id1517524960and follow @rdroste and @trpkyle 
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