76 minutes | Apr 23rd 2021

AEW Does It Again, Steve Austin Biography Review

For the second week in a row without competition, AEW Dynamite placed number two overall on cable television in the ratings on Wednesday night. We break down the show and examine why Dynamite might be topping cable very soon on Wednesday nights.Next, we move on to WWE's creative issues since WrestleMania 37. What's wrong with this Cesaro push already, and why was Charlotte Flair brought back only to be exiled right away? Plus, we look at the A&E Biography that aired on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin last Sunday night and have a healthy conversation on the career of the biggest draw in the history of the wrestling business.Join our Facebook discussion group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/290971494637440/Sign up to support us on Patreon at www.patreon.com/topropenation - exclusive bonus content and access to all of our shows early and ad free, a free gift for signing up, access to our bonus podcast 'Top Rope Nation Classics,' a monthly Zoom hangout, and more! Subscribe to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/topropenation and never miss one of our live shows.Have a question for the show? Send your questions to TopRopeNation@gmail.com and if we read it on the air, we'll send you a free gift in the mail!Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TopRopeNation
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