50 minutes | Aug 1, 2018

My Story: The Journey to UpRoar Partners, With Josh Mastel

Today on the show we have a bit of a unique episode, where we get to listen to host, Josh Mastel, as the guest being interviewed. They dig into Josh’s background as the Founder and CEO of UpRoar Partners and how he spent the majority of his career in the tech service industry building and scaling large sales teams. He has interviewed thousands, hired hundreds and his last team had over 100 sales reps! As you may already know, Josh’s company, UpRoar Partners, provides hiring, training and managing consulting services. In this episode, Josh shares his advice for anyone who is hesitant to join the sales industry today and how to successfully learn from your failures. We also discover how Josh manages his team, his time and the art of saying “No.” Josh is loaded with wisdom, knowledge and practical tips to help you up your sales game in every aspect. By the end of this episode, you’ll be inspired to get up earlier, get laser focused on your goals, embrace the process and jump off the cliff and just do it! Key Topics: Learn more about Josh’s free sales content for the public (2:05) Josh’s advice for someone who is hesitant to get started in sales (3:20) How Josh faced his own fears when first leaving corporate America (5:30) Josh shares his many failures and how to learn from your own (7:10) What a typical sales rep meeting looks like for Josh (10:10) Josh shares his biggest piece of advice for time management (12:40) Find out what The Monkey Business Rule is and how to use it (15:55) Tips for goal setting and how to achieve your goals with laser focus (20:00) Josh’s advice for sales reps who have a lack of knowledge (24:47) How to get passed the gatekeeper by embracing them (31:50) Tips and tools for dealing with competitors and tough sales (35:50) The power of manager patience and self-discipline (37:00) Discover how to best handle price objection (41:15) The key to an effective sales close today (44:40) The characteristics Josh has found in his top sales performers (47:20)   Interact with Josh Mastel: LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshmastel/ Twitter — https://twitter.com/Jdmastel Skype — Website — https://www.uproarpartners.com/ Email — letshunt@uproarparners.com   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: UpRoar Partners – https://www.uproarpartners.com/ UpRoar Podcast – https://www.uproarpartners.com/top-down-podcast-sales-management-stories UpRoar Email – letshunt@uproarparners.com Josh Mastel on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshmastel/ Josh Mastel on Twitter – https://twitter.com/Jdmastel
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