43 minutes | Apr 14th 2020

Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr - Why focusing on your brand is so important during a crisis

I'm speaking to Tonya Eberhart, and Michael Carr, two branding experts, and authors of the best-selling book, BrandFace for Real Estate Professionals: Be the Face of Your Business & a Star in Your Industry.

There's so much actionable insights and value in this episode, I highly suggest watching in full. We're talking about why focusing on branding is so important during a crisis, and how your branding efforts will help you get through the current COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever. 

They outline the three critical points to get through this crisis: 1) Overcome, 2) Over-deliver, and 3) Over-communicate. 

We also talk about the importance of continuing to provide value to your audience and why re-thinking about real estate as a relationship business is more important than ever right now. 

Tonya and Michael also talk about the last economic crisis in 2008, and how branding helped them succeed during those tough times, and how the hundreds of real estate agents they help also focused on their brand to come out on top. 

This was such an impactful conversation, with so much energy and positivity. I encourage all real estate professionals to take a listen. Enjoy!

*** Listen to my previous chat with Tonya & Michael here.

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