27 minutes | Sep 24th 2020

Jennifer Seeno Tucker - Overcoming tragedy to become an ultra-successful Realtor and best selling author

This is an inspiring chat with Jennifer Seeno Tucker, a top real estate agent from New York. Overcoming a tragedy in her family, Jennier used unfortunate circumstances to harness energy and become one of the most succesful agents in her region.In addition to growing her successful real estate business, Jennifer also coaches and teaches other real estate agents how to make +$100K per year. She wrote a best-selling book called "Become a Rock Star Real Estate Agent: 7 Steps to Make $100k".In this down-to-earth conversation, Jennifer talks about specific day-to-day marketing strategies, mindset, and how to reverse engineer goals into actions.Enjoy!PS. To get your hands on the book "Become a Rock Star Real Estate Agent: 7 Steps to Make $100k" for FREE, click here!
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