31 minutes | Jun 16th 2020

Bill Kurzeja - Using Confidence and Communication to Sell During a Pandemic

In this episode, I'm speaking with Bill Kurzeja is the owner and founder of Professional Success South, a professional sales training and business consulting firm.Bill got his start in the US Army, where he learned the value of discipline and attention to detail.  Upon exiting, he found that his experience as a sergeant translated remarkably well to the retail automotive industry.  From there, he quickly rose into leadership, where his talent for clear, effective communication, and for training others to do the same, drove him up the ranks to GM, and finally led to his founding of Professional Success South.As an expert in communication and building confidence, there was no better time to speak to Bill on the podcast, then right now during these difficult times.We talk about several actionable tips that real estate agents can utilize, including some exercises that people can use to learn and communicate with confidence, the importance of selling your brand, the importance of sales process and mindset, and much more.Spoiler alert: Stick around to the end to find out who Bill thinks is the GOAT: MJ or LeBron?
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