82 minutes | Nov 10, 2021

LAST NIGHT IN SOHO with Stephanie Albala

Vivid dreams, fashionable bullies, and a murder mystery that cops probably won't be able to help solve - we're recapping Edgar Wright's new film Last night in Soho! We are joined by horror expert and halloween costume master Stephanie Albala to talk about this flawed but gorgeous film. Last Night in Soho is in theaters now. 00:00 - Episode starts 05:07 - Trivia 20:50 - Recap If you like the podcast and would like to support us, please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Or rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. Become a patron on our Patreon where you can get fun perks like bonus episodes, bingo cards, trailer reaction videos and more.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @tsdwpodcast Check out our merchandise here
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