22 minutes | Jul 30th 2018

Opposite Signs

Brad meets up with Lindsey, host of the We Met at Acme podcast, and talks through his relationship with Zoe while getting into issues like exclusivity, labels, and astrology. You should start a podcast! Host it with Blubrry and use code TOTD to let them know we sent you. Written by Brad Garoon & Mike Tanzillo Additional voice by Lindsey Metselaar Narration by Stephanie V. Olson Subscribe now via iTunes or your favorite podcast player! Support Too Old To Date on Patreon. For more information and to donate to the show, go to toooldtodate.com. Hit us up on the socials @toooldtodate. Our theme song is Loveless by Go Go Ghost Want to share your dating stories? Call our Voicemail 718.559.1040 and tell us about it!
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