21 minutes | Oct 5, 2021

Self-compassion and Overeating

We can’t talk about making real changes with your relationship with food without talking about self-compassion. Believe it or not, self-compassion is a lot more important than tough love if you want to leave overeating struggles behind.There’s some confusion about what self-compassion really is, and a lot of busy women are using poor substitutes for the real self-kindness they deserve (and then wondering why it feels so unsatisfying). Listen to this episode and discover the critical relationship between self-compassion, mindset, and your relationship with food.If you are finding value in this podcast, please take 30 seconds to subscribe and leave a review. It makes all the difference in my ability to share this information!What you’ll learn from this episode:The questions to ask to reconnect with real self-compassionWhy there is no list of activities that are self-compassion and why it all begins with mindsetWhat self-compassion has to do with overeatingHow to start generating more self-compassionThe attitude of self-compassion and the power you can generate from itFeatured on the show:My group coaching program: Your Missing PeaceKristin Neff’s book Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to YourselfTake the free Hidden Hungers Quiz and find out what’s driving your overeating.Visit https://toomuchonherplate.com for more tips and resources to create peace with food and overcome overeating and emotional eatingJoin the conversation in my Facebook Group!
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