31 minutes | Sep 21, 2021

Divorce Deprivation

If you want to create freedom from overeating and peace with food, you have a puzzle to solve. Slapping on willpower doesn’t create lasting change - it only sets you up in a lasting battle to maintain self-control - and who wants to make this your lifetime mission?Creating lasting change with your eating habits and your relationship with food begins with addressing your mindset - your thoughts and beliefs about the way that you talk with yourself about a number of things. The tricky part about mindset is that it can be hard to see. Our way of thinking is so familiar that it can simply feel like TRUTH. But thoughts are not facts. They are just thoughts.Today I want to take a deep dive into a very common mindset issue for smart, busy women who overeat or who are stuck in patterns of emotional eating. And that’s deprivation thinking. Listen to the episode to get clear on what this is - and what to do about it.What you’ll learn from this episode:Why it’s important to transform your mindset if you want to end habits of overeating or emotional eatingWhat it means to divorce deprivationSigns that you are probably living in deprivation mode (and the consequences you’re probably experiencing)One reason you may be feeling unmotivated and burnt out and tired of trying to change your eating habitsThe power of creating transformation instead of relying on willpower and the difference between deprivation and transformation strategiesFeatured on the show:Take the free Hidden Hungers Quiz and find out what’s driving your overeating.Learn more about my Overeating Freedom Formula in my free on-demand Master Class. Visit https://toomuchonherplate.com for more tips and resources to create peace with food and overcome overeating and emotional eatingJoin the conversation in my Facebook Group!
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