10 minutes | Oct 26, 2021

Breaking Automatic Overeating Habits | Transitions (Part Two)

Knowing the value of something and then being able to implement it can be two very different things. This is especially true when it comes to making changes with food - and there are so many good reasons for this (that’s a whole season of podcast episodes!).Making real changes with your eating habits and shifting patterns of overeating or emotional eating happens in teeny tiny moments. Teeny tiny moments that are easily missed if you haven’t mastered the skill of honoring transitions. This topic is so important, I’m covering it in two back-to-back episodes. Let’s talk about upping your transition game and strengthening your pausing muscle - both why it’s important, and how to actually implement this advice.If you are finding value in this podcast, please take 30 seconds to subscribe and leave a review. It makes all the difference in my ability to share this information!What you’ll learn from this episode:How to move from reactive to proactiveWhy constantly “doing” is so seductive (and how it can cause us to be out of touch with ourselves)The power of pausingHow to get better at being present with some concrete small stepsFeatured on the show:Episode 006: Breaking Automatic Overeating Habits | Transitions (Part One)Go here to take the free Hidden Hungers Quiz and find out what’s driving your overeating.Your Missing Peace: work with me in my group coaching program. Learn more here.Visit https://toomuchonherplate.com for more tips and resources to create peace with food and overcome overeating and emotional eating
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