150 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

TL141 - Superman & Lois - S1E1 - Pilot

Welcome to Smallville! We heard the Kents were packing up and leaving the big city to see what Morgan Edge has in store for Clark’s hometown. Clark and Lois decide their family needs a change after Clark’s mother suddenly passes away and he loses his job. At the funeral, the family reconnects with the Cushings and learn that Morgan Edge is interested in Smallville. While the boys explore the barn to reset a router, Jordan falls and brings several metal poles on top of him and his brother. We later learn Jordan shielded his brother and they both survive because his powers are starting to emerge. Meanwhile, Captain Luthor is attacking nuclear power plants and General Lane discovers an inscription in Kryptonian. When he asks Clark to suit-up, Lois tells him his family needs him more. The next day, the boys snoop through the barn looking for clues about their father. They discover an alien ship and confront him. When he admits he’s Superman, they are angry at being lied to their entire lives.  While Clark beats himself up, Luthor attacks another nuclear plant. This time he leaves to confront him. While he’s fighting Luthor, John and Jordan get into a fight of their own that ends with Jordan starting a fire with his laser vision.  After a family chat, Clark and Lois decide to stay in Smallville, save the farm, and discover what Morgan Edge is really up to.   Is our Captain Luthor Alexander Luthor, Jr.?
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