72 minutes | Jul 4th 2020

TL124 - Stargirl S1E6 - The Justice Society

Welcome to Blue Valley, Nebraska! We are parking the Waverider and following the story of a promising new hero, Stargirl.

We are introduced to Artemis Crock's parents aka Sports Master and Tigress. Apparently, they've been murdering all the football coaches for sidelining, or otherwise being threatened by their daughter as the star quarterback. We also learn Stephen Sharp aka the Gambler has a mission for them: break into a communications company to acquire a satellite key so he can take over the satellite. As it turns out, the success of Project New America hinges on the satellite key and Brainwave's abilities. Sure sounds like brainwashing to me!

Meanwhile, our brand new teenage heroes have formed the beginning of a new Justice Society. Stargirl, Dr. Mid-Nite, Hourman, and Wildcat discover the ISA plans to break into a communications company. Except, they incorrectly assume the Gambler is doing his own dirty work. Instead, our new heroes are tested when Sportsmaster and Tigress confront them and eventually gain the upper hand. Fortunately, Pat shows up to save the day.

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