56 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

Achieving Real Estate Success in a Luxury Vacation Home Market

Diving deep into the foundations of success, BHHS Jackson Hole’s Kurt and Tim Harland join Tom in discussing how they structure, advertise, and work within the market of second and third/vacation luxury homes. In an era where the market is accelerated and thriving, these two brothers both focus on and specialize in providing the best real estate experience for their clients. They provide the fundamental results that formulate the networking and personal relationships that foster success in the real estate business. They also build around three theories on offers that include, sticking the home out there to where you’re not going to get any buyers, get it within market price to reel in a few people, or get it at or under the market price to get multiple offers. Whether building relationships or narrowing in on the best tactics, they pull off some amazing sales in the Jackson Hole area so don’t miss this episode – because they have some worthwhile advice for setting high standards in the future of the real estate industry.
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