50 minutes | Sep 2, 2020

Episode 6: Tokyo Lately - Parks, Food, Coffee, Plants, and Akihabara

In this episode, we share some favorite places and foods, give updates on what we've been up to and suggest places that have recently opened here in Tokyo. Whether you're a local or visiting Japan in the future, we think you guys will really enjoy these! If you have fun, new or exciting places you've been to in Japan/Tokyo, please feel free to share them with us, so we can share them everyone! Email below :) We were also interviewed by Norm of the Tokyo Lens podcast, where we shared our experience getting to Japan. We've provided a link to his Podcast below, so please check out our episode and subscribe to Tokyo Lens while you're there! You can check out our episode, "Moving to Japan the Right Way", with the Tokyo Lens podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Anchor. Our recommendations in the episode: Parks: Miyashita Park Ueno Park Hibiya Park Yoyogi Park Yoyogi Fukamachi Mini Park - See through restrooms Grandberry Park Plants shops: Today’s special - Hibiya Location Flower village  The Farm - Grandberry Park Location Food spots: Mapo Tofu Smokehouse BBQ - Cat Street Omotesando Location Anpan bread food truck (next to Smokehouse BBQ) Due Italian Eggslut Kith treats  Pet story in Grandberry park  Joker Store for computer parts  Tsukumo Crazy eye drops  Santa FX neo Reach out to us with any questions, suggestions, or feedback at Tokyoadventures.com. Click the "Contact" tab to send us an email. We want to hear from you :] Follow us on the socials to be notified when new episodes are out! Instagram: @tokyoadventurespodcast Twitter: @podcasttokyo Our opening and closing music by @goodnightthesatellite - Supernova via @hellothematic
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