63 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

Episode 12: Starting Your Life in Japan - Part 3: The Process of Moving to Japan

🎉 We’re back, finally! 🎉  Today’s episode will be part 3 of our Starting Your Life in Japan series, The Process of Moving To Japan. This episode is a deep dive into all of the steps you will take during your relocation to Japan. We share our experience from offer letter to arrival to provide valuable tips and recommendations, so you’ll feel more prepared for the big move. **If you have pets, start on the pet relocation process at least 8-9 months before your move.** 1-3 months before your move: 1. Get job offer 2. Make sure you have a valid passport 3. Get your work visa (watch those timelines) 4. Set up your flights 5. Figure out your money. Create budgets and confirm relocation package with your company. (Keep them receipts!) 6. Figure out where you will be living until you get your permanent apartment/home. You will need this info for visa and residency paperwork. 7. Sell/get rid of everything you don't need 8. Buy essential items that are not readily available in Japan. Websites for price comparisons:Yodobashi, Bic Camera 9. Have your stuff packed and shipped to Japan 10. Consider keeping a phone number open from your home country for emergencies 11. Get an international credit card, because you can't get one for awhile in Japan (look for no international purchasing fees) 12. Close all old accounts/memberships 13. Update drivers license/passport/credit cards to avoid future issues 14. Refill prescriptions and confirm your prescriptions are ok to bring to Japan 15. Make time to visit with friends/family before you leave Before you fly: 1. Make sure you have your passport and all required documentation (at least 5 copies of all) 2. Convert your currency to yen. We recommend having a few hundred on hand 3. Relax and try to change your sleep schedule When you land: 1. Get yourself ready for your resident card photo. You'll have it for years! 2. Go through immigration 3. Get your resident card 4. Go to the customs shipment counter to declare items shipped from your country 5. Enter Japan! Woot! 6. Immediately go buy a train/Shinkansen ticket into Tokyo 7. Set up and add money to your suica or pasmo transit card 8. Travel from airport to housing 9. Drop off your stuff 10. Get food and hydrate 11. Go buy toiletries and necessities 12. Get some rest First week: 1. Go to the local ward office to register your address. Set up your My Number card, too! 2. Set up phone, internet, utilities and bank account 3. Get to know your neighborhood 4. Start looking for a permanent place if you're in a temp spot 5. Buy furniture and appliances 6. Enjoy your new life in Japan :] Still have questions about moving to Japan? Reach out to us with any questions, suggestions, or feedback at Tokyoadventures.com. Click the "Contact" tab to send us an email. We want to hear from you :] Follow us on the socials to be notified when new episodes are out! Instagram: @tokyoadventurespodcast Twitter: @podcasttokyo Our opening and closing music by @goodnightthesatellite - Supernova via @hellothematic
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