57 minutes | Mar 5th 2015

Special Encore Presentation: From Homeless to Multimillionaire CEO, Choices for Success

What's in your trash that could launch the next multimillion dollar company? Do the choices you make lead you to success or failure? First guest is CEO Lucinda Yates, who was once homeless and destitute. Lucinda took her future into her hands and created a multimillion dollar company from what she found in the trash. You will learn the steps she took to launch her company with NO capital. Her story and message is both inspirational and educational. Second guest is Dr. Bev Smallwood, who will discuss the choices people make that can lead them down the road to success. She will specifically focus on what to do during times of adversity and hardship. She will provide a road map and specific actionable tips on the specific choices people need to make to take them on a journey of recovery and personal and professional success
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