55 minutes | Apr 23rd 2015

Embrace Change and Find Success

This week we have a very successful executive whose motto is to embrace change. Living in Berlin, Germany Kerstin Plehwe is one of the few women who has reached the executive corporate ranks in that country. For more than 20 years she has built, lead and sold multiple companies successfully. This week Kerstin will be sharing how women today can obtain leadership power and reach the executive ranks within their organizations. Kerstin will be sharing the leadership tips she used and how she has embraced change and used those life changes to reach her goals and has increase her personal level of happiness. Today's second guest is our host Deanne DeMarco, who will sharing some communication tips on dealing with criticism. How to respond to criticism and address others in a non- defensive way. Deanne is a communication expert who helps business professionals break-through their career barriers.
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