3 minutes | Jan 30, 2020

Wait is over! BRAND NEW Toasted 2020 is back. Play 02.2020 Teaser

GUYS, we are SO EXCITED to tell you that the new season 2020 of the TOASTED Podcast is back and is just a few weeks away from premiering. Dmitri Preston and his amazing Hot Topics co-anchor, our beloved comedian Tiffany Leigh are back and we have a brand new TEASER for you guys to check out. Just press play, and below is the summary of how this Season is different from last one, although one thing remains the same— you will NEVER be bored! Description from Upcoming Release: JOIN US on this New Season of TOASTED 2020 journey, as we explore blurring lines further between hosting a show with hot topics exclusives and navigating through life in the heart of LA Celeb Scene. EVERYTHING from finding our TOASTED host between BRITNEY SPEARS and her father, JAMIE SPEARS in the court room downtown LA and resulting in DMITRI guest reporting for BILLBOARD Magazine News, E! News and finding videos of him on TMZ, to Dmitri’s birthday BASH with KYLE Richards’s [name retracted for no spoilers] family members, RHOC’s Kelly Dodd warning him about a seven year itch, as she requests to attend Dmitri’s upcoming wedding. TIFFANY LEIGH’S new business venture, plus where you can catch her on tour dates,AND OF COURSE – A WORLD EXCLUSIVE (Age 15 and up): Tim Allen’s sitcom actress from HOME IMPROVEMENT sits down for the first & only time, and only in studio for a no holds barred interview about a VICIOUS attack on her in an Uber, and what can you do to avoid this happening to you or your family members; a chilling step-by-step recount and whether police was cooperative before finding out who she was, YOU DON’T WANNA MISS this Season! Listen to this new extended Teaser, out now. And subscribe not to miss a single episode FREE on iTunes/YouTube/Google/Spotify/Stitcher
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