43 minutes | Jun 10th 2015

Podcast episode #18: Let’s watch some TV

Welcome to episode #18 of the To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult podcast where Rae and I talk about the best television ever. Subscribe to this bi-weekly podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or by using our feed link.  This week we talk about our favorite books we read as children, and why they're the best. Some links are affiliate. So Rae and I both loved Breaking Bad, even though sometimes the lighting drove me nuts, but it was nothing if not forward-thinking. We also briefly talked about The Wire, which was an excellent show, but maybe, possibly, didn't have the best story-telling strategy considering if you miss any five seconds of any episode ever you have no idea WTF is going on. Also on Rae's list is The Good Wife, which I think can be a little boring sometimes, but it's easy to watch AND all of the characters are fun to ship if it gets boring. (If you're not on board with shipping yet, go read Rae's post on America's new favorite pastime right now.) We also  briefly mention Grey's Anatomy, which I have recently sobbed over, and West Wing, which I think is my favorite show ever. We talked about Friends, which Rae brilliantly described as "comfort food." Her favorite friend is Rachel, and mine is Chandler, although we're not so sure Monica should have ended up with him. I asked Rae what she loves about Twin Peaks -- and the short answer is everything. A.J. and I just started watching The Following, which I think Rae would like too, but bad news bears, it's now cancelled. So maybe don't start that one. We are also re-watching The Office, and it's one of the few shows that makes me crack up out loud. It's such a great cheerer upper. Rae talks about Hannibal, which she is reviewing for Just About Write. She loves the beauty and thought that goes into the sets and costume design, as well as the fascinating plot. See more of her posts here. In the lightning round, I mentioned this one-pot pasta dish I recently made, and Rae and Michael are using fresh herbs from their garden! Rae's going to start reading Stephen King's new book, Finder's Keepers, and I'm reading a biography on Andrew Carnegie for work. So that’s what’s going on this week on the podcast. Will you be our Internet friend? Rae can be found at raesdays.com, on Instagram and Twitter, and at raesdays(at)gmail(dot)com. Jewels is at ovenlovinblog.com, on Instagram and Twitter, and at jewelsphraner(at)gmail(dot)com.
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