25 minutes | Feb 25th 2015

Podcast episode #15: Let’s cook

Welcome to episode #15 of the To Do Lists of the Semi-Adult podcast where Rae and I talk about our favorite kitchen gadgets.   Subscribe to this bi-weekly podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or by using our feed link.  This week we talked about our favorite kitchen gadgets, as Rae said, for seasoned cooks and less seasoned cooks. Some links are affiliate. She mentioned Blue Apron as a way to circumvent meal planning, which I have used too, and we both love. And we have the most amazing news: We have a few free weeks on Blue Apron to giveaway, so if you are interested in trying it, leave us a comment below or on Facebook or tweet us, and we will get you a free week. (First come, first serve.) Mostly I talked about how much I love my food processor and how it makes weekly prep work a snap. We also talked about the benefit of good, sharp knives. Seriously ask your older relatives if you can have their knife sets, because they don't make knives like they used to make them.  There are also some articles on the Internet about knife shopping and for what to look, but be prepared to invest. It's worth it though, promise. Oh, and I mentioned my tiny spatula that I use most often for scraping things out of measuring spoons and getting between the beaters on mixers. These are hard to find, so stock up! Rae mentioned her teapot, which she uses in very versatile ways including as a French press or to make hot water for oatmeal in the morning, which I think is just brilliant. She also talked about how helpful it is to have a George Foreman grill for cooking meat, and we discussed our mutual love for our Apple Machines. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8YFw5_KC0E&feature=youtu.be I  mentioned the value of a salad spinner, for keeping lettuce fresh for weeks, and how much I love my coffeemaker with a timer, so coffee is brewed by the time I wake up. There is nothing better than walking into the kitchen in the morning and smelling fresh coffee.  Rae and I use this coffee maker, which makes The Best Coffee. I also very briefly discussed steel mixing bowls, especially if you're going to bake things that need to stay cool or hot, i.e. pie crust. During the lightning round, we talked about winter hats. Can everyone please tell me what you call the hats below: In Pittsburgh they call them tassel caps, and I think that's weird! Rae just finished Volume 1 of The Wicked +The Divine, and I just finished John Green's Paper Towns, which I pretty much liked. I r
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